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History of Ultra Events

Ultra Events started out in Derby in 2009 running boxing events in a local nightclub. The concept was the same, everyone received 8 weeks of free boxing training at the local boxing gym. They were then matched with an opponent from the group and they took part in an event at the end of it. This formed Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) which by 2014 expanded to over 100 towns and cities across the UK.

In the early days of Ultra, each show raised money for a different charity, though we thought it would be really great to pull all of the fundraising together for one single cause. Founder of Ultra, Jon Leonard, used to run the ‘Race for Life’ warm-ups in the midlands area and a scientist’s talk inspired him to raise money for Cancer Research UK. In 2013 we became a corporate partner of Cancer Research UK and to date, we have raised over £22million for the charity through our events.

Our target has been to raise £1million in one month for life-saving research; we had reached the limit of towns and cities we could expand to with UWCB so we decided to look at alternative events we could run. This saw the formation of Ultra MMA, Ultra Ballroom, Ultra Comedy and Ultra Adventures in 2017 and more recently Ultra Games. We rebranded to Ultra Events to tie all of the brands together and our goal became to provide different ways for people to fundraise and take part in incredible events.

UWCB fundraise millions for Cancer Research UK

In 2018 we ran our first charity trek to Mount Kilimanjaro which raised over £80,000 for Cancer Research UK with Ultra Adventures and in 2019 we sent fundraisers on our first trek on the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. We aim to be able to provide more destinations and challenges for participants as we expand Ultra Adventures.

Whether you want to learn to make people laugh with Ultra Comedy or put on your sequins and dance with Ultra Ballroom, there is an event you can take part in to raise money for Cancer Research UK and we hope that the addition of these events will help us reach our goal of £1million in one month.

Ultra Adventures trip to Kilimanjaro
Ultra Adventures trip to Kilimanjaro

As well as running events across the UK, our mission is to partner with the world’s leading cancer charities to reach a global total of £50million raised to help beat cancer sooner. Our first step towards achieving this goal happened in 2019 when we ran our first events UWCB in Poland and Australia. We have plans to branch out even further to U.S.A and be helping to get people fit and fundraise across the globe!

One of the key reasons we run events is to help people get fitter and healthier and to make it accessible for people. This is why we launched Ultra Nutrition and made our products with natural ingredients to make being healthy easy. With Ultra Nutrition we can provide free nutrition advice, meal ideas and support for people who want to change to a healthy lifestyle. Our products are designed to help people on this journey with convenience in mind.

At Ultra, everything we do aligns with our mission to improve lives through bettering physical and mental health, fundraising to help beat cancer, providing life-changing experiences and behaving morally and ethically. To read more about our mission visit

Tickets & Boxing Events

Once you sign up to an Ultra Event, you receive 8 weeks of free training and get to take part in an incredible event – in return, we ask you to sell 10 tickets to your friends and family to the main event. This is for a couple of reasons, it makes an incredible atmosphere on the night to have people cheering you on, but also it is how we cover the cost of running the event.

For boxing events all across the UK professional boxers must sell their own tickets to be picked by promoters. When boxers are just starting out the requirement can be as many as 100+ tickets to be considered for the bill and could have to do this 4-5 times a year.

Ticket sales are becoming increasingly more important to fighters who want to make it in the world of pro boxing and it is all part of the experience. You won’t find many of the Top pro’s who didn’t start out through the ‘sell tickets to fight’ route, it’s the way that promoters work and how they can afford to put on the shows.

No one wants to arrive on the day, their entrance music starts, the MC announces your name and you start walking to the ring to an empty room with no one cheering. At Ultra Events the atmosphere is electric and that’s down to the hard work that our participants put in to get their friends and family to buy tickets to support them.

UWCB Barnsley 2017
Fantastic atmosphere at our Ultra White Collar Boxing show in Barnsley

Selling 10 tickets can feel like a daunting experience, but if you think about it it’s only a small number of people. The best way to approach it is to make sure you tell people you are taking part, friends, family, colleagues and use the tool that everyone has available to them – social media. We provide you with loads of materials and support to help you to sell tickets. These are proven methods to help you so make sure you make the most of them:

  • Post to your social media and tell people you are taking part – share the ticket link and ask people to put your name in the ‘who you are coming to watch’ box.
  • Put a poster up at work to tell colleagues you are taking part and ask your colleagues or boss if they’d like to attend.
  • Change your email signature at work (if allowed) to include that you are taking part, you can include the ticket URL in this too.
  • Regularly update social media throughout your training, post photos of your training and your weigh in to build excitement around your fight night.

Ultra is here to help, so speak to your local rep if you are struggling with ticket sales and we can give you some advice to help you. Nothing is impossible and if you’ve signed up you are already determined to take part – don’t let the ticket sales stop you from having an incredible experience!

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