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Is White Collar Boxing Regulated?

Before starting, it is important to understand what England Boxing and BBBOC class as regulated boxing.

England Boxing

England Boxing events are regulated by ‘England Boxing Limited’, company number 02817909.

England Boxing runs around 7 events directly each year, these are known as the championships. Local club shows are run by local clubs and ‘licenced’ by England Boxing, this means they have the following input:

  • Medics – booked from a list approved by England Boxing.
  • Referees – booked from an England Boxing approved list.
  • MC’s – Booked by local clubs, not approved list.
  • Coaches – Provided by a local club.
  • Officials – Provided by England Boxing

As far as we are aware, there is no quality control for the above and medical provision is not checked on the day of shows.

White collar boxing events are not licenced by England Boxing as promoters are not affiliated with England Boxing. However, this does not mean that they are not regulated or licenced, it merely means they are not licenced by England Boxing.

UWCB have been organising white collar boxing events since 2009 and we have run over 2,000 events in that time with over 75,000 participants. We constantly look to improve our practices and make small incremental changes. Our events are well regulated and safe. We cannot discuss the safety measures taken at any other white collar boxing events as we don’t know what precautions they take.

Ultra White Collar Boxing Medics

UWCB are the largest organiser of White Collar Boxing events in the UK, running over 300 per year. We believe we organise more events than England Boxing. However, we are unable to confirm this as following enquiries to England Boxing, they don’t keep any records of how many events they run each year.

UWCB regulation is carried out in the following manner:

  • UWCB prepare all health and safety paperwork to send out to ensure events are run in a generic manner with participant safety at the forefront.
  • UWCB books all staff from approved lists to ensure they are correctly qualified.
  • Local gyms provide coaches.
  • Local UWCB affiliated promoters then run the events in line with UWCB guidelines.
  • All medics have their ID verified to ensure they are correctly qualified, and they are the correct staff, to our knowledge England boxing do not carry out any checks to verify medics credentials on event days.
  • All participants have pre and post-bout medicals that are fully recorded and every participant is given head injury advice and a head injury card.
  • UWCB regularly carry out on the spot, unannounced quality control checks to ensure events are being run in the correct manner.
  • UWCB also employ Cipher medical to carry out quality control checks to ensure medical contractors are doing their jobs properly and providing the right cover and equipment.

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Medical provision at UWCB

At Ultra Events the safety of our participants is our number one priority. We have been organising events since 2009 and have had over 70,000 participants complete our 8 weeks of training and step into the ropes at a huge event.

Taking part in a boxing event should be a safe and enjoyable experience which is why we take every step to safeguard participants and have put a clear and safe medical process in place.

All participants are required to fill in a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire before they start training and are encouraged to visit their doctor for approval if they have any health concerns. These are then checked and signed off to ensure that any medical conditions have been disclosed and all participants are safe to start training.

During training, participants are weighed regularly to ensure that an accurate weight is recorded. All participants train together for 8 weeks and are matched fairly based on weight, height, fitness and ability. This is to assist coaches in matching participants to ensure safe and fair matches.

On event day all participants undergo a pre and post-bout medical check by an HCPC registered paramedic, these checks are important to ensure that a participant is safe to box and to check them over post-bout. Participants are given comprehensive head injury advice during training and after their bout and handed a head injury card detailing this advice.

At all events we have an HCPC registered paramedic and two Emergency Medical Care Assistants who have a front-line A&E ambulance equipped with life-saving equipment including a full drug kit. A paramedic is stationed ringside at all times during a bout to ensure safety.

UWCB Medical Flowchart

When taking part in a UWCB event you are provided with free personal injury insurance cover. This is supplied by Bluefin who insure many of the national governing bodies including England Boxing. This covers you for the 8 weeks of training and the fight night.

To further ensure safety, UWCB have our gloves specifically made with higher density ‘safe spar’ foam. This is based on extensive research and testing and ensures maximum protection for participants. Head guards are required and further reduce impact and help to avoid cuts.

On the day of the event, we provide a qualified and professional referee all of which follow a strict set of rules outlined by UWCB to ensure a safe and fair bout.

Our safety standards are very high and we carry out risk assessments and a series of health and safety checks at all events prior to guests arriving or the event starting. Our events take weeks to plan and we closely monitor every detail to ensure consistent, safe events.

Due to the lack of a recognised governing body, UWCB have taken the decision to regulate ourselves and make our events as safe as possible. Whether you take part in Inverness to Exeter our events follow the same protocols and health and safety procedures.

We care about safety and we care about the amazing, inspiring participants that chose to take part in an Ultra Event. Without them, we would not be able to keep running events and have raised over £22million for Cancer Research UK since 2013.

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Is Boxing Training COVID-19 Safe?

UWCB have carried out a rigorous assessment with our clinical director; Andy Thomas (Cipher medical LTD) to make our training as safe as is practically possible.

We are aiming for training to commence from May 17th when Boris Johnson has stated that ‘Indoor adult sports’ will be allowed.

We will be taking the following steps to ensure training is as safe as possible:

Participants will be made aware of 3 main symptoms of COVID-19 via email and told to isolate and seek testing if they have them:

  • Regular temperature checks.
  • No loss of taste.
  • No persistent cough.

Before training starts

  • Gyms formal capacity figures will be calculated, and we will run at 50% of them.
  • Gyms will be as well ventilated as possible by opening windows and doors where possible.
  • Gyms to display relevant services pointing participants to mental health guidance if they require it.
  • Gyms will be regularly cleaned. particularly focusing on touchpoints.
  • Gyms to put up signage to restrict numbers in the toilet area, with numbers based on m2 calculation of 1 person per 4m2.
  • Handwashing soap to be provided by the gym at all sinks.
  • Groups will be separated into bubbles of 6 based on weight.

Before training, outside the gym

  • Masks to be worn until inside the gym to avoid large group meeting without masks.
  • If a participant has an exemption from wearing a mask it is THEIR RESPONSIBILITY to inform coaches or make it obvious with a lanyard.
  • Participants asked to stay in bubbles outside.

Entering the gym & training

  • Groups to enter the gym within their bubbles and maintain 1m social distancing from other bubbles whilst entering premises.
  • All participants to be temperature checked before entry to the gym.
  • All participants to be asked to arrive at training in their training kit so they do not need to visit the changing rooms.
  • Participants to stay in bubbles of 6 throughout the training.
  • Equipment sharing to be kept to an absolute minimum.
  • If essential equipment should only be shared within bubbles.

Safety In White Collar Boxing

Ultra White Collar Boxing (UWCB) is the largest organiser of white collar boxing events in the UK. Since the first event in December 2009, over 62,000 people have stepped through the ropes and boxed at one of our events. That’s 62,000 people that have become fitter, healthier and no doubt engaged their families in physical activity. In turn, helping them to become fitter and healthier.

Boxing gets a tough time from the media. Whenever there is an injury there are calls for it to be banned, but statistically, if you look at serious injuries boxing is safer than cycling and rugby. We think this is due to excellent safety precautions at events.

“Statistically, if you look at serious injuries boxing is safer than cycling and rugby”

As with anything some events are more safety conscious than others. In this article, we will only be talking about the positive steps UWCB take to ensure we make our events as safe as realistically and practically possible. We feel our events offer a ‘gold standard’ in safety and this has been verified by doctors, neurosurgeons and many other professional bodies that have reviewed our practices. To our knowledge, we are also the only white collar boxing organisation to have insurance for participants. Our insurance is supplied by Bluefin who insure many national governing bodies and is paid for by UWCB at no cost to participants.

Participant at a UWCB event

Below we will list some of our safety measures:

  • All participants train together for 8 weeks and are matched fairly based on weight, height, fitness and ability. We do this to ensure that all our boxers are matched fairly. The trainers get an opportunity to assess everyone across the 8 week period and ensure it is a fair bout.
  • 16oz gloves and head guards – UWCB have gloves specifically made for our events with a higher density ‘safe spar’ foam. This is to ensure maximum protection for participants. Headguards further reduce impact and help to avoid cuts.
  • Pre-bout medical checks – all participants receive a medical before they box to check their suitability. If there is an issue then the participants are not permitted to take part in the event.
  • Post-bout medical checks – all participants receive a medical immediately after their bout. This checks for any injuries and will alert the medics to any potential problems.
  • Qualified referees – the majority of UWCB referees are ex AIBA or BBBOC qualified. All of which have attended the UWCB refereeing course.
  • Risk assessments and checks prior to and at all events – We fill out and retain a folder prior to every event to ensure that our events are consistently safe.

“We feel our events offer a ‘gold standard’ in safety. This has been verified by doctors, neurosurgeons and many other professional bodies”

We then carry out random quality control checks to verify that all our events are in line with our health and safety practices.

UWCB take the decision to make our events as safe as possible. There is no recognised governing body and no other organisation must follow our protocols.

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