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Is white collar boxing regulated

Is White Collar Boxing Regulated?

UWCB regulation is carried out in the following manner:

  • UWCB prepare all health and safety paperwork to send out to ensure events are run in a generic manner with participant safety at the forefront.
  • UWCB books all staff from approved lists to ensure they are correctly qualified.
  • Local gyms provide coaches.
  • Local UWCB affiliated promoters then run the events in line with UWCB guidelines.
  • All medics have their ID verified to ensure they are correctly qualified, and they are the correct staff, to our knowledge England boxing do not carry out any checks to verify medics credentials on event days.
  • All participants have pre and post-bout medicals that are fully recorded and every participant is given head injury advice and a head injury card.
  • UWCB regularly carry out on the spot, unannounced quality control checks to ensure events are being run in the correct manner.
  • UWCB also employ Cipher medical to carry out quality control checks to ensure medical contractors are doing their jobs properly and providing the right cover and equipment.

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  1. I had 3 amateur boxing bouts 10 years ago, I’ve suffered injuries not related to boxing and my fitness has declined massively. Is this something I can take part in or am I too experienced?

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