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Can girls box?

This is a question we receive regularly at UWCB. The simple answer is YES. Girls can absolutely box at our events and the sport is growing in popularity amongst females.

When Ultra White Collar Boxing started organizing events in 2009 we would have around 15% of bouts being girls, over time that has risen to around 40% of our boxers being female.

Girls are increasingly releasing that the sport of boxing is accessible and that it is in fact a brilliant sport that has many benefits:

  • Health and Fitness – Boxing will get you fit because you will work hard. Boxers are some of the most cardiovascularly fit athletes in the world and if you attend a boxing club you will do very similar training to the top-level boxers but obviously scaled down to suit your level.
  • Learn a skill – Boxing is a great skill to learn and there is a lot to learn this helps people keep interested as there is always progress to make.
  • Increased confidence – Many people wrongly think boxing clubs are intimidating places, once you have attended one you will soon realise that simply isn’t the case. Being able to overcome the fear of attending and turn that into a love of the sport is sure to increase confidence.
  • Weight loss – To lose weight you must either move more or consume fewer calories, boxing makes you move and if you enjoy it you will continue to attend. Consistency is key for weight loss.
  • Improved mental health and wellbeing– Boxing will give you a goal to strive for and targets to set yourself each week. You will feel a great sense of community with everyone else attending and it can also act as a great release for many.
  • Discipline–In a world where people can seem to do what they want when they want boxing offers discipline. Coaches will ensure everyone stays in check to help you progress as much as possible, this discipline will spill into normal life and be sure to help you in many other facets of your life.

UWCB events have seen a huge increase in girls signing up and taking part and so has professional boxing. Katie Taylor has been seen to be instrumental in the rise of both amateur and professional boxing, winning gold medals at the Olympics, the world and European championships and she is currently an undisputed professional world champion and promoted by Eddie Hearns Matchroom boxing.

The future is incredibly bright for girls boxing and UWCB is key to getting females into gyms, training, and competing at events, all whilst raising money for Cancer Research UK.

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