Dan Mear – UWCB BRIGHTON - Ultra White Collar Boxing



Signing up for this event was deeply personal for me, motivated by the memory of my father who passed away from cancer three years ago after an eight-year battle. I wanted to honour his legacy by supporting Cancer Research UK, hoping to prevent others from enduring similar hardships.

Throughout the journey, my goal was simple: to give my all and continuously improve. Training with the UWCB team was helpful, but I supplemented it with additional sessions at a boxing gym, knowing that preparation was key to success. Despite the challenges and sometimes underwhelming experiences, I persisted, driven by the desire to be my best.

On the day of the event, nerves were inevitable, but the energy and support from my team made all the difference. Walking out to the cheers of the crowd made me feel like a champion, and the entire event was a testament to teamwork and determination.

Reflecting on the Ultra experience, I feel a sense of pride and empowerment. It pushed me physically and mentally, helping me become stronger and more confident than ever before. It’s an experience I’ll cherish as a reminder of what I’m capable of achieving with dedication and perseverance.

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